Mastercool 98061 - Digital Vacuum Gauge
Mastercool 98061 - Digital Vacuum Gauge

Mastercool 98061 - Digital Vacuum Gauge

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  • Designed with self-calibration and a sensor that will not be damaged by small mists of oil.
  • Allows for a target vacuum range to be programmed with a light sensor indicator.
  • Now you have the freedom to continue with your other work and come back to the system once you see the indicator light signaling your target vacuum.
Response Time: 250 mSec.
Sensor Cable: Spiral cable extended to 6.5 feet (2.6 meter)
Sensor: Thermocouple sensor
Connection Fitting: 1/4” flare female adapter
Operating Temperature: 32 to 120ºF (0 to 45ºC)
Power: 9V DC battery (AC/DC Adapter Optional)
Battery Life: 36 hours
Low Battery Indicator: Special ICON on LCD
Vacuum Units: Micron, Torr, mTorr, mmHg, mBar, Pa
Accuracy Range*: ATM-1000 Microns: ±10% of reading
1000 - 100 Microns: ±7% of reading,
100 - 1 Micron: ±5% of reading
* Unit accuracy refers to sensor specifications and is based on optimal laboratory conditions. Field operations may greatly deviate from these levels.

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