Lift King LKCB - Light & Heavy Duty Truck's Bed & Hood Lift Combo Package
Lift King LKCB - Light & Heavy Duty Truck's Bed & Hood Lift Combo Package

Lift King LKCB - Light & Heavy Duty Truck's Bed & Hood Lift Combo Package

Part #:LKCB
Retail Price:$7,000.00
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  • Key Benefits - One technician, one tool. No need for four technicians to do the job of one. Avoid human strain, the loss of a good employee due to injury, worker compensation claims, and potential legal claims The average semi hood weighs between 150lbs and 240lbs. With the Lift King, anyone can remove or install a semi hood effortless with no human lifting. Improve quality by avoiding the possibility of damage to the customers semi hood from scratches or scrapes. Collision repairs can be performed while the damaged hood remains on the lift. The lift will adjust the item to the best working height for the technician.
  • Only requires 3 square feet of floor space when in the stored position
  • Steel construction & a powder coat finish
  • Able to lift Peterbilt or Kenworth hoods, and Dually truck boxes. The lift is rated for 500lbs, it passed testing at 1,000lbs and comes with a 1,000lb brake winch. Lifting a 350lb pickup bed or semi hood is a very easy process..
  • Can I Lift the Hood without Removing the Grill? There is a secondary mount feature that allows the hood to be lifted without the grill removed. This feature does not allow the hood to be rotated into an open or closed position but it will lift it to minimum and maximum height.
Package Includes
  • Lift King Main Component
  • Semi Hood Attachment
  • Box Attachment
  • Bushing Kit
  • Shipping Weight: Pallet #1 450 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: Pallet #2 80 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: Pallet #1 48" x 36" x 81"
  • Shipping Dimensions: Pallet #2 48" x 36" x 18"
Manufacturer Warranty:

One (1) Year Unconditional Warranty under Normal Wear
"Normal Use" means for the purpose intended (e.g. pick-up truck box removal, topper removal, doors and semi hoods) at or below the load weights indicated for the product. "Normal Wear" does not include use in extreme environments (e.g., high or low temperatures, or environments with high chemical or dust concentrations). Network 1 Solutions will replace all parts determined to be defective. To make a warranty claim, the buyer must first contact Network 1 Solutions and provide pictures of the tool and the defective part(s). All defective parts must be shipped to Network 1 Solutions for examination. The following voids the warranty: Removal of components or hardware provided by Network 1 Solutions at the date of original purchase. Buyer's modifications to the product or use of attachments other than Network 1 Solution's products. Improper assembly of the product. Removal/concealment of any safety decals or labeling. This warranty is non-transferable and covers only the initial buyer identified in the purchase records of Network 1 Solutions. There are no implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a purpose, and the scope of the warranty is limited to that described above.

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