Don't Forget the Underbelly

Posted by Tool Pan on 4/23/2015
Caring for your car’s exterior can often be an added hassle during an already hectic lifestyle; one more thing added to the already long list of things to do when there are never enough hours in the day. Now that winter is over (we hope) it’s important to remember to wash your baby's belly. Salt and other ice-melt products from the road coat the underside of your vehicle as you drive. Keeping your vehicle clean is especially difficult during winter months, but can prolong the structural life of your vehicle.

During the winter months, many northern states spray roads with brine to keep them clear of ice and snow. Brine is composed of a mixture of corrosive chemicals such as sodium chloride and magnesium chloride which is then dissolved in water and sprayed onto road surfaces. As you drive, the brine kicks up, coating the underside of your vehicle. If not washed off regularly, these chemicals can eat through your vehicle like a caterpillar eats through a leaf in springtime.

Car washes may not be the ideal way to keep the exterior of your car clean, but they’re pretty good at getting the road gunk, salt, cinders and other ice-melt products like brine from winter driving off of your vehicle’s undercarriage.

Many car enthusiasts enjoy hand-washing their vehicles, rubbing polish over the clean and sparking paint job, but how many of us remember to get the underside? When your car is in the driveway, and you’re washing the dirt off and rubbing your pride into the paint, making sure the coat reflects your image like a mirror, remember to rub its belly too. While your vehicle may be pretty on the outside, keeping the underside clean is just as important as the paint job.  Even if you do remember, it's still pretty hard to do an effective job of cleaning underneath with a hose.

Go to a car wash that uses a touchless system if for no other reason than to get the undercarriage taken care of. After that, you can hand wash your baby with gentle and effective products to keep her sparkling clean and structurally healthy. She'll thank you for it with the many miles you'll drive.