Tips for Keeping tools in Tip-top Shape

Posted by Makan on 2/22/2014
Having a well-stocked toolkit full of high quality tools makes any DIY job a pleasure. Rusted, damaged and low quality tools are difficult to work with. Replacing damaged tools is expensive, but it is easy to extend the life of your tools through careful storage and by following a proper maintenance regimen.

Hose Leaks: Car A/C Problems

Posted by Makan on 2/21/2014
One luxury that most car owners never skimp on is air conditioning. Once sold as an expensive option, AC is typically standard in modern cars, giving you comfort on hot days. They only require minimal maintenance, unlike other car systems, but they can malfunction over time. Hoses moving refrigerant throughout the AC system may crack or break, causing slow leaks. It is critical to replace these hoses before your system leaks all of the refrigerant out.

Do it Yourself AC Charge

Posted by Makan on 2/20/2014
The cost of a minor repair or routine upkeep of a vehicle can be amazingly high, and finding a good, reliable mechanic shop is often difficult and frustrating. These factors are encouraging and more and more people to do their own vehicle maintenance. With videos on the internet readily available to teach you what to do, making minor repairs or maintenance to your car or truck can be relatively easy to learn how to do.
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