Tools And Safety - More Than Just Proper Handling

Posted by Tool Pan on 3/9/2015
The most important safety measure to take when using tools is learning how to use them properly. There’s no way to exaggerate the importance of handling, because down the line, if the tools are not malfunctioning, the way they can end up hurting you is most likely to be your inability to use them correctly. And that goes for each and every tool you might pick up and use, but for some tools, proper handling and good functioning is simply not enough to ensure safety. That’s when we need to use safety gear.

Spray painting, for example, is an activity where proper handling and functioning tools aren’t enough to save you from hazard. You’ll need a respirator to stop you from breathing in toxic vapors and particles. You’ll also need gloves and overalls to avoid getting the paint on your skin or on your clothes, which can be a bigger problem than a simple cosmetic nuisance.

Working in noisy environments can be more than uncomfortable - it can damage your hearing. Most pneumatic tools produce a level of noise that’s just unhealthy, and anyone using them probably already knows that they shouldn’t be doing it without wearing protective earmuffs. Of course, you don’t have to use a pneumatic drill to be in danger of damaging your hearing, it will suffice to be near one that’s being used, so earmuffs and pneumatic tools should go hand it hand both if you’re person using the tools, and the person working at a place where the tools are used.

Protecting your eyesight can also be very important. Some of the tools produce very bright lights when used, or UV waves which can burn the retina, but it’s also a good idea to protect the eyes whenever there’s a danger something might make physical contact with them. That means sparks, but it also means dust or even fumes that can irritate the eyes or even worse.

So, the full safety kit, for almost any tool one can use, should cover the eyes, the ears, the nose and the mouth, any exposed skin, and the clothing, almost like a full hazmat suit. Of course, it’s not that all of the protective gear has to be used at once all of the time, but owning all of it is still a good idea for anyone who deals with tools, either professionally, or as a hobby.