How to Change a Car Battery

Posted by Tool Pan on 6/14/2015
When your vehicle’s battery malfunctions, you can be left in an awkward or difficult situation. While there are things you can do to prevent battery problems, sometimes automotive batteries can go haywire despite our best efforts. In these cases, it’s necessary to change the battery and replace it with a functioning one. Here are the basic steps to safely change a battery.

This is important: Make sure you note the location of the positive and negative battery cables! This is essential for your safety and to prevent damage to your vehicle.

Using a wrench, disconnect the positive cable. They’re usually marked in red and with a “+” symbol. For top post batteries, use the terminal puller to remove it easily. 

Take off the battery retaining system or hold-down clamp, and set all the parts off to the side. You don’t want to lose any of them, since you’ll need to put them back once you install the new battery, so put them where they won’t get lost or damaged. 

Take out the battery itself, but don’t let it get knocked around anymore than is absolutely necessary! If you have a top post battery, using a battery carrying strap can make this easier. 

After the old battery has been removed, carefully put in the new one and replace the retaining system or hold-down clamps to keep it secure. Before taking off the battery post safety caps, double check the cleanliness of the battery connectors. Also make sure the red post is in the correct spot for the positive battery connector. 

The new battery should be wiped down and terminals checked for cleanliness. After this, put on a thin layer of dielectric grease and anti-corrosion washers to the connectors and posts. 

Connect the positive post, and then after it’s connected you should tighten the connector until it’s tight. Repeat this process with the negative post. If there are any parts left to the retaining system or hold-down clamps, finish putting them back on. 
Check to make sure it’s holding the battery firmly. 

Now your battery is installed, so all you have to do is start up your vehicle to make sure everything is working okay! To prevent battery incidents in the future, regular maintenance and testing of your battery is recommended. We offer many high quality, affordable parts and tools such as battery testers, battery chargers, jumper cables, and much more.